At a time where many small and medium businesses are still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, coupled with the rise in operational costs, Watford Town Centre BID are delighted to be able to offer a Business Improvement & Development Grant.  The grant is to support small and medium sized businesses by encouraging them to look at their business and identify potential improvements that could be undertaken to enhance their offer, maximise their business potential, and improve the overall customer and visitor experience.

The objectives are to improve both the individual businesses and the overall look and feel of Watford Town Centre, enabling residents to be proud of their town and consumers will return time and time again, making recommendations based on their experience.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used to support any activity that the applicant can clearly demonstrate will improve the overall look and feel of their business and/or develop their business to enhance the customer and visitor experience.

Examples can include the following:

  • Shop/business front improvements, including painting (colours to be detailed in application), new signage, revised branding.
  • Crime and safety initiatives, including CCTV, shutters, reenforced doors, locks, WBAC membership for one year.
  • Website developments for marketing purposes (this will not include online purchase functions), booking system applications, training.
  • Internal improvements which improve the customers experience, this will need to illustrate a changed environment for the consumer, but could include new table, chairs, soft furnishings etc.
  • Specialist staff training (non-statutory) which improves/enhances customer service.
  • Funding of licences, for example digital support and/or memberships to expand the businesses support and networking opportunities.

For more details on the grant please contact a member of the BID team at

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