Shopmobility is a vitally important service which gives disabled people greater independence and helps to make Watford more accessible. We are proud to have them in Watford Town Centre and delighted to celebrate their 30th birthday!

The service is all-inclusive and allows people to have the necessary mobility to get around and enjoy all the perks of being in Watford Town Centre.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: “It was really good to join the volunteers, staff, users and friends of Watford Shopmobility to celebrate their 30-year anniversary. This is such an important service which Watford Council has supported for many years.

I am very grateful to everyone at Shopmobility for helping to make Watford town centre a more accessible place. I hope that they continue to provide this fantastic service for many more years to come.”

Shopmobility’s chair John Horsfield said: “Shopmobility provides the means for people like me to achieve some independence. The benefits of maintaining independence are widely recognised as helping to prevent illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and even to slow down the onset of dementia.”

Shopmobility is located at Citipark Church Car Park on Exchange Road, you can find it on the Ground Floor.

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