The Gift Swap was a big success as we welcomed locals to swap their unwanted gifts for the unwanted gifts of others at a fun event in Atria Watford.  The event took place on Sunday 29th January in the former Love Local Hub unit on the lower mall of Atria and allowed attendees to upgrade on gifts they received that just wasn’t their cup of tea.

In partnership with Atria Watford, we managed to:

✅ Repurpose 172 unwanted gifts that we received from locals

✅ Reduce the number of items that would otherwise end up in landfill

✅ Donate remaining items to a Watford-based charity

✅ Increase town centre dwell time whilst attendees waited for The Gift Swap to reopen

✅ Fill an empty unit for a day with a creative idea that caught the eye of shoppers

It was a low cost and simple initiative, yet it had a big environmental impact whilst also creating a fun event.  We had plenty of positive feedback and we hope to repeat the success in future!

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“Such a good idea, we were very happy with our swaps, thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event <3”


“I loved my gift! Thanks for organising, it was a great idea 😊”

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