The BID area

The Watford Town Centre BID area stretches from Central Leisure Centre at one end of the High Street to the Cotswolds blue pyramid building at the other, encompassing all the streets within the Beechen Grove ring road, plus Leonardos Hotel and Sutton car park in the middle of Clarendon Road, Wilmington Crescent, Rosslyn Road and a section of Rickmansworth Road.

Streets in the BID area

  • Albert Road South

  • Cambridge Road

  • Church Street

  • Crown Passage

  • Clarendon Road (1-35 & 2-24 + Leonardos Hotel)

  • Estcourt Road (only Sutton car park)

  • Exchange Road (east side of road, including British Telecom Exchange buildings, Church car park and Wren House)

  • Gaumont Approach

  • George Street

  • Granville Road

  • Halsey Road

  • Hempstead Road (up to & including the leisure centre and Avenue car park)

  • High Street (down to & including 165 & 174)

  • King Street

  • Market Street (up to & including 24 & 25)

  • New Street

  • Peace Prospect

  • Peace Drive (Peace Hospice Care and Prospect House)

  • Queens Road (up to & including 1-19a)

  • Rickmansworth Road (1-5 and up to Peace Drive)

  • Rosslyn Road (13-27, plus Gade car park and Halsey House)

  • Smith Street

  • St Mary’s View

  • St Mary’s Close

  • St Mary’s Churchyard

  • The Cloisters

  • The Parade

  • Upton Road (14-20)

  • Watford House Lane

  • Water lane (within ring road)

  • Wellstones

  • Wilmington Close

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