Ready Burger has opened in place of the former Bill’s Restaurant unit at 107 High Street, and they’re ready to make a big impact with their unique offering.

When entering their restaurant, you’ll realise this is no ordinary venue as you’re greeted with a vibrant and modern setting, boasting as many games as your average arcade with table tennis, air hockey and retro gaming consoles!

Having the leisure experience whilst dining is one thing, but to also have incredibly unique tasty food whilst playing is what makes Ready Burger the growing success story that it is.

Their burgers, chicken fillets and chips all taste as amazing as they look, and they come at pleasant everyday prices.  Ready Burger’s founders use cutting-edge technology that provides a far more environmentally friendly product than your average fast-food establishment, with zero compromise on the product quality.

The food and venue aren’t the only impressive things about Ready Burger, as their drinks offering includes refillable sodas, a slushy machine with great flavours, and a selection of milkshakes that go perfectly with your meal.  Not only should you stick around for a game of table tennis, but you should also try out their desserts which includes Biscoff & Oreo flavoured waffles & pancakes!

Ready Burger has proven to be hugely popular in Crouch End and we’re delighted to see them open here in Watford, visit to read more and view the menu, and be sure to follow them @ReadyBurgerUK on social media.  Having said that, there’s no better way to find out all about them than to simply visit and try out their food!

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