2023 gets off to a creative start with a host of new contemporary art exhibitions at Watford Museum featuring local national and international artists.

First up is an exhibition by local artist John Richard Hewitt entitled ‘Monolith’ – works featured will include John’s recent paintings from the chapel in Vicarage Road Cemetery, a studio and gallery space managed by Amanartis.

From February for two months, the museum will then host a range of artists’ works from around the world all based on or in reaction to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s extended poem A Season in Hell, a major piece of poetry which went on to influence future artists and art movements including the Surrealists.

This exhibition will see the museum taken over by works from local artists and artists who are from further afield, such as the United States and Europe. It’s one of the larger exhibitions which the museum will hold, so it is certainly one of the more ambitious exhibitions too.

Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said, “It’s fantastic that the museum is providing these spaces for contemporary art and hosting temporary exhibitions, whilst working with the local community. It really does show a side of Watford’s culture that we can be proud of and enjoy. Over the years it’s been a real pleasure to work with and explore the local creative arts groups, which Watford has in abundance. I always look forward to what’s coming up next.”

In time for April Fools’ Day, the museum will host an exhibition on local comedy legends and stories. So throughout April one can see an exhibition showcasing documents and objects related to local comedy legends, such as Terry Scott and T. E. B. Clarke.

These contemporary art exhibitions and others hosted at the museum show the works of local, national and some international artists. These exhibitions are curated to help build upon the culture of the town, as Watford has previously been linked to many famous artists and still finds itself as an area which sees many artists call it home.

Deputy Mayor and portfolio holder, Councillor Aga Dychton said, ““it’s wonderful to have an asset like Watford Museum on our doorstep which not only works with the local creative community, but also draws others into our town to help it grow as a place for culture.

We are very proud of our heritage as a town and each individual because we have a great understanding of our community which plays a central part in our culture.”

Further exhibitions throughout 2023 will showcase the Herts Visual Arts society, local artists working in a range of mediums from textiles to photography and more of the museum’s own art collection.

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