A Watford Borough Council and Wenta partnership – Full details on their website

Watford Borough Council: Providing two-year support for SMEs to reduce carbon emissions in the Watford area. Wenta: Every staff member has pledged carbon emission actions, the team of experienced business advisors empower clients by providing access to the latest learning content, resources and tailored support for their Net Zero journeys. This places Wenta in a perfect position to support Watford Borough Council with their aspirational decarbonisation programme ‘Watford Net Zero’.

What is Watford Net Zero?

Watford Net Zero refers to a decarbonisation project aimed at reducing the amount of carbon, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), sent into the atmosphere.

Decarbonisation refers to all measures through which an organisation reduces their carbon footprint in order to reduce its impact on the climate. 

Who this programme is for

Wenta recognises that local businesses may be at different stages of their carbon emission reduction journey, if they have started at all. Therefore, the support to help to reduce emissions – to decarbonise – is tailored for size of venture, industry sector and progress made so far.

In partnership with Watford Borough Council, Wenta is now offering dedicated bespoke guidance, resources and skills training support to 250 local Watford businesses.

Benefitting local businesses

  • Access to green grants
  • Access to more supply chains to win new business
  • Attracting and retaining staff teams
  • Improving brand reputation 
  • Gaining competitive advantage over other businesses 
  • Reducing waste and over-consumption 
  • Reducing emissions   
  • CPD Certification

Full details including registration of interest found on Wenta’s website

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